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About Virtual Psychotherapy

Do you work from home and want the convenience of booking a session during the day? Would you like to save time on commuting to a therapist's office? Or maybe you prefer to do counselling from the privacy of your own home?

I offer therapy online and over the phone for residents of Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. 

For online sessions, I utilize a secure video conferencing service called NousTalk that is similar to Zoom that can be accessed from your phone or computer. ​​

Access Therapy from the Comfort of Your Home

The thought of venturing out of your home for a therapy session can feel stressful and challenging with your busy schedule. You want to be able to set aside some time for yourself, and to explore what is weighing on you, but commuting on public transit or driving through traffic to get to a therapy office may feel depleting. 

When you are in the comfort of your home, you may feel more at ease transitioning into the therapeutic hour. Virtual therapy also offers you the flexibility to schedule sessions at times that work best for you without worry about the potential lost time of travelling to and from therapy. 

Slowing Down to Reflect

Many of us lead busy lives, often juggling careers, social lives, health, and the many obligations that come with adulthood. 

It can be hard to carve out time for therapy. Attending sessions during the workday or after work can cause us to feel stress about arriving on time to our therapy session or worrying about arriving back to work or our next commitment in time. 

Setting aside time before and after therapy sessions can provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your needs and integrate the insights gained from the session. Virtual therapy can allow you to carve out the necessary time to make the most of your sessions. 


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