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Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

CBT can support us in cultivating a curiosity and awareness about patterns in our thoughts and behaviours, and to reflect on how they impact how we feel.​ By learning about the beliefs we carry about ourselves, we can move toward cultivating more empowering beliefs that take into account our strengths, worthiness, and imperfections (To appreciate ourselves for the complex beings that we are).

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Create new ways of compassionately understanding your emotional landscape so you can feel connected to yourself more fully. Our sessions will focus on supporting you to get in touch with all parts of yourself, including the parts of you that you may feel shame about. 

Person Centered Therapy

We can explore how your upbringing and life experience have shaped how you experience yourself, your relationships, and the world. My approach also involves supporting you in getting in touch with your values, what matters most to you, and to move toward building a life and relationships that are satisfying and fulfilling.

My Approach

I strive to provide a warm and accepting space for people to share and explore what is weighing on them with curiosity and self-compassion. I support people in appreciating their inherent strengths and in cultivating a deep understanding of the meaning behind their emotions. Part of our work together may also involve exploring how various coping strategies came to be, and cultivating new ways of being that reflect your goals and values.

My Approach
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