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About me

I am a registered social worker and psychotherapist based in Ontario and Alberta. I support people in appreciating their inherent strengths and in cultivating a deep understanding of the meaning behind their emotions. Part of our work together may also involve exploring how various coping strategies came to be, and cultivating new ways of being that reflect your goals and values.

My training background


Master of Social Work from University of Toronto

Bachelor of Social Work from McMaster University

Registered member of the Ontario College of Social Workers

Registered member of the Alberta College of Social Workers

Post-graduate training


Initial Consultation

20 minutes via video call or telephone


Individual Psychotherapy Session

60 minutes


Psychotherapy is covered by many insurance plans. Please check with your insurance provider to see if coverage is provided to social workers. You will receive a receipt after each payment that you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement or use for tax purposes.


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  • Are you covered by insurance?
    Insurance providers may cover fees either completely or partially, which is dependent on your specific extended health insurance. It can be helpful to inquire about the following with your health insurer: Does my plan include mental health benefits? If so, how much do you cover for registered social workers providing psychotherapy services? I provide receipts that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
  • How do I get started?
    Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for a free 20 minute consultation phone/video call so that we have an opportunity to connect. This is an opportunity for you to tell me more about what brings you to therapy, and for me to answer any questions that will help you in finding the right therapist.
  • What is the cost of a session?
    My session fee is $120 for a 60 minute session.
  • Do you provide in-person services?
    I exclusively provide online therapy.
  • What kind of therapy do you offer?
    I offer individual psychotherapy to adults. My therapeutic approach is grounded in cognitive behaviour therapy imbued with the compassion and encouragement of person centered therapy. Through cultivating awareness of patterns in our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world, we can begin to examine them with curiosity and self-compassion. I also support clients in exploring their relationship with emotions, including what messages they received from others during their upbringing and life experiences about what emotions were "acceptable" and which emotions were "unwelcome". Supporting clients in cultivating a new relationship with emotions, one where they come to view emotions as containing important information about their needs, wants, and boundaries rather than a source of distress or overwhelm is a key part of my work.
  • What is virtual psychotherapy?
    Virtual psychotherapy refers to providing psychotherapy services remotely using video conferencing. I utilize a private and confidential video conferencing service called NousTalk that has an encrypted connection and is PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act) compliant.
  • What is your availability?
    I am typically available Tuesday to Friday between the hours of 8:00am-5:00pm.

Contact Me

Finding a therapist with whom you feel comfortable with is essential.

For this reason, I offer a free 20 minute consultation so that you have an opportunity to meet with me.

Tel: 647-560-0439

PO BOX 40024 Queens Quay P.O.

Toronto, Ontario, M5V 0A4, Canada

Thanks for reaching out!

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