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Social Anxiety Therapy in Toronto

Updated: May 21

Welcome. Taking the first step to explore therapy for social anxiety takes so much courage. Opening up about your anxiety can feel daunting. Even reaching out to a therapist can trigger your anxiety. In this blog post, I hope to give you a sense of my approach and what therapy sessions with me might feel like.

Safety and Curiosity

Opening up and sharing that which is most personal can be challenging, especially if we have experienced rejection. An important part of our work together will be to feel emotionally safe and at ease sharing your concerns in our sessions.

With curiosity and compassion, we will explore your experiences, hopes and fears, and the root of your social anxiety.

Exploring both Past and Present

Our journey will likely encompass an exploration of past and present. We can get to know and deepen our understanding of how your social anxiety came to be. Reflecting on how you feel in various relationships and settings can help us uncover patterns in your thinking that reinforce anxiety and feelings of shame.

Heading out into the World

Part of our work together may involve getting to know your desires for social connection. We can begin exploring activities and relationships that excite you, and then support you gently in navigating the challenges that accompany the process. As you bravely expand your comfort zone, you will likely be feel many emotions (excitement, fear, connection, and sadness). We can process these emotions by working together.


Hannah Peirce

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