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Hannah Peirce 

Virtual therapy from the convenience of your own home

Navigate anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and social anxiety with the help of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.​Offering therapy to residents of Ontario and Alberta

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How can I help?

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Find your voice and explore

Living an authentic, meaningful, and intentional life takes self-knowledge. Having a space to explore your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears can help you to get in touch with your values, what matters most to you, and towards building a life and relationships that are satisfying and fulfilling.

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Build your confidence and self-worth

When we doubt our self-worth and value, we may find ourselves accommodating, people-pleasing, and avoiding conflict at all costs. If this is you, therapy can help you feel more comfortable and confident at expressing your thoughts and feelings.

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Nurture your personal growth

Humans are not fixed or static, and within them is an innate drive toward growth. This can involve leaving our comfort zone, and doing things that leave us feeling anxious, fearful, and vulnerable. We can work together to navigate through the many changes and transitions of life.


Contact Me

Finding a therapist with whom you feel comfortable with is essential.

For this reason, I offer a free 20 minute consultation so that you have an opportunity to meet with me.

Tel: 647-560-0439

PO BOX 40024 Queens Quay P.O.

Toronto, Ontario, M5V 0A4, Canada

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