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My approach

I use a combination of approaches to best support my clients. My background is in cognitive behavioural therapy, and person centered therapy. For those who would like to know more about these approaches:


Person centered therapy is premised on the belief that we are wired for growth, and about the potentiality of people's capacity to heal. 

● It is about creating a safe opportunity where clients can discover themselves, to experience themselves more truly and deeply, and to make choices that feel congruent with their desires and values

 ● It is about cultivating awareness of the patterns in our thinking that give rise to emotional pain, and to explore them to see where they may originate from

● Learning to relate to our thoughts and emotions in new ways so that we do not feel at war with ourselves, and to be able to honour these thoughts and feelings without feeling like they are overwhelming us


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help us get curious about patterns in our thoughts and behaviours, and to reflect on how they impact how we feel

  • It is about noticing the types of thoughts we are having on a day-to-day basis whenever we feel a strong emotion

  • It involves taking a look at our thoughts and behaviours with care and compassion, and gently asking ourselves questions such as "Is this thought based on certain experiences from the past?", "What facts may not support this thought?", and "How would I cope if my worry actualizes?"

  • Learning about the beliefs we carry about ourselves, and to cultivate more empowering beliefs that take into account our strengths, worthiness, and imperfections (To appreciate ourselves for the complex beings that we are)

My training background


Post-graduate training

Master of Social Work from University of Toronto

Bachelor of Social Work from McMaster University

Registered member of the Ontario College of Social Workers (OCSWSSW)

Certificate of Completion for:

Easing and Healing Depression Using the Change Triangle 

DBT Skills with Marsha Linehan

Motivational Interviewing for Addiction

Emotionally Focused Therapy: Attachment Science in Practice 

Medical Psychiatry Collaborative Care Certificate

CBT Fundamentals

CBT for Depression

CBT for Anxiety

Fundamentals for Treatment Providers  from The Body Positive 

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